Homeopathic Physicians – The Real Deal?

I heard a story today from my boss who recently went to see a homeopathic doctor in Greensboro NC. He said that by hooking him up to a machine and poking him in various parts of the body, she was able to tell exactly what had been ailing him, down to emotional ailments from his childhood. And with spectacular detail to boot. The remedy is a combination of natural supplements in liquid form (based on your own unique variety of health issues) and prescribed in drops. For example, take 3 drops three times a day at least 4 hours apart.

But here’s the kicker – after 30-45 days of your treatment and following her instructions, you don’t just feel better, you’re cured. She doesn’t treat the symptoms, she treats the disease.

Now generally I prefer using homeopathic remedies for sicknesses, or natural supplements rather than a pill from big pharma, but this lady sounds almost too good to be true. Like she’s magic or something! I tried to get more information about her from my boss, but he insisted that he try her drops first and see if they work. Then he’d feel comfortable recommending her to friends and coworkers. Which I think is a smart choice, given that the initial visit costs $150 and the drops don’t come cheap. So I’ll keep you updated on his progress and if she is a miracle worker – I’ll let you know!

…but I’m skeptical.