The Successful Start-Up Curse and How to Overcome It

Lately I’ve been reading “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, and I want to highlight an exerpt that talks about the struggle most successful start-ups go through:

Good to Great - Jim Collins“Few successful start-ups become great companies, in large part because they respond to growth and success in the wrong way. Entrepreneurial success is fueled by creativity, imagination, bold moves into uncharted waters, and visionary zeal. As a company grows and becomes more complex, it begins to trip over its own success – too many new people, too many new customers, too many new orders, too many new products. What was once great fun becomes an unwieldy ball of disorganized stuff. Lack of planning, lack of accounting, lack of systems, and lack of hiring constraints create friction. Problems surface – with customers, with cash flow, with schedules.

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Beginnings are always so promising.  So exciting and full of energy.  The length of the honeymoon phase in each beginning isn’t necessarily a prediction of the long-term relationship.  But one thing is true about all beginnings – they awaken a new zest for life inside you that you didn’t know was there before.

Take, for instance, this blog.  I’m excited about this new beginning.  I’m not even sure what focus this blog will have over the course of its life.  It’s a first draft.  I don’t know where all this is headed or leading to.  All I know is that I want to share.

Enjoy whatever comes next!