Game of Thrones Dinner: Winterfell

This past Sunday, we were kind of tired. We had a huge Winterfell menu planned, but it was only going to be the two of us (me and Steve), so we pared it down. Instead we cooked a delicious and hearty meal straight from northern Westeros:

  • Beef & Bacon Pie
  • Onions in Gravy
  • Crusty White Bread (to soak up all that gravy)
  • Baked Apples
  • Mulled Wine

I will say though, this menu is probably my favorite so far. All the flavors paired perfectly with each other, and everything was just so scrumptious! And since we had a dinner rather than a feast, we felt pleasantly full rather than stuffed. Plus we still had a TON of leftovers since we accidentally-on-purpose made two beef and bacon pies.

This was also my second shot at the mulled wine, and I definitely learned where I screwed up last time. I used Pondre Forte rather than Pondre Douce in my first attempt, which is meant to accompany savory dishes, not sweet wine. And I definitely used more than a tablespoon and a half last time, which is why the wine turned out almost undrinkable. WAY too spicy. This second attempt was extremely pleasant, slightly sweet, and definitely left me wanting more. I let it cool to room temperature before drinking it, however, and I think I might have enjoyed this as a hot wine drink. Will try that again next time!

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