Game of Thrones Dinner: Winterfell

This past Sunday, we were kind of tired. We had a huge Winterfell menu planned, but it was only going to be the two of us (me and Steve), so we pared it down. Instead we cooked a delicious and hearty meal straight from northern Westeros:

  • Beef & Bacon Pie
  • Onions in Gravy
  • Crusty White Bread (to soak up all that gravy)
  • Baked Apples
  • Mulled Wine

I will say though, this menu is probably my favorite so far. All the flavors paired perfectly with each other, and everything was just so scrumptious! And since we had a dinner rather than a feast, we felt pleasantly full rather than stuffed. Plus we still had a TON of leftovers since we accidentally-on-purpose made two beef and bacon pies.

This was also my second shot at the mulled wine, and I definitely learned where I screwed up last time. I used Pondre Forte rather than Pondre Douce in my first attempt, which is meant to accompany savory dishes, not sweet wine. And I definitely used more than a tablespoon and a half last time, which is why the wine turned out almost undrinkable. WAY too spicy. This second attempt was extremely pleasant, slightly sweet, and definitely left me wanting more. I let it cool to room temperature before drinking it, however, and I think I might have enjoyed this as a hot wine drink. Will try that again next time!

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Game of Thrones Dinner: Kings Landing

So Sunday night was the premiere episode of Season 5 of Game of Thrones. So of course, we partied. And by partied, I mean we spent all day cooking, last minute shopping, and polishing silver. But it was all worth it! We had a Kings Landing themed feast! We had mead, GoT beers, custom designed tea blends (Kingsblood tea… yum!), Cornish game hens, pigeon pie in Joffrey’s honor, and delicious fruit tarts! (and MORE!) Menu and pictures below!

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