Why “The Adventures of Giggles”?

I have to be honest. It’s because of this guy:



This is my favorite picture of Daniel Dillard (aka Dilly). Dilly has been a friend of mine now for about 8 years, and a friend of my husband’s for much longer. He was the best man at our wedding, and is currently following his dream of going out West by making a new life in Denver, CO.

So one not so special night, Dilly referred to me and a friend as “Giggles and Haha” since we were cracking up about something. The two of us agreed that I would be Giggles and she would be Haha.

I’m pretty certain she didn’t keep her nickname, but I cherish mine. I haven’t received many nicknames in my life, and I think Giggles sums me up pretty well.



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