So it’s been about a year…

I was excited about this blog. I promise. But I’m not going to sit here and make excuses – instead I’ll just start writing again.


WELCOME BACK! It’s 2015 now and I’m still in love with my NutriBullet, though I didn’t use it for a few months while we moved because I didn’t know where it was. And a follow up to the homeopathic medicine post – it was bullshit. I think it’s sad, but it seems like those folks just prey upon the dreamers of the world who hope with all their might that there can be another way to good health. But the best way is to commit yourself to living a healthy life of eating fresh foods and getting some exercise fairly regularly and start early.

So now that we’re all caught up again, I just want to warn you that this blog will see more posts this year. Even if it’s just more random photos that I see and are inspired by each day, I will post more! Get ready to hear about all sorts of random things that are part of my life!

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