Nutribullet Goodness!


Let’s talk about the Nutribullet for a minute. This little thing is the best gift I received from last year’s Christmas. For around $100, you get the Nutribullet, 2 blades, 2 small cups for blending, 1 large cup, and a great recipe book. I am in love with this thing!

First, I completely devoured the recipe book, soaking up all the knowledge about what foods help fight inflammation, aid digestion, and a hundred other natural solutions/supplements to common health issues. Plus there are a number of real food recipes in the back. The hummus pictured above was made from the recipe in the back of the book. There’s even one recipe for a strawberry face scrub to make your skin glow!

Then I got to town buying all the ingredients needed for my desired smoothie combinations. I started small: organic apples, lemons, and bananas and tons of frozen organic berries of all kinds. And spinach. I never graduated from spinach. It has such mild flavor and I love using it for salads when it isn’t the base of my smoothie, so I don’t buy any other greens. Sorry, kale lovers – I just don’t get you.

But then I wanted to explore with the more expensive additives, like raw almonds and cashews, and even pricier cacao nibs, chia, flax and hemp seeds, and maca powder. That got expensive quick so my advice is to read tons of reviews before you purchase anything. It took $20 for me to find out I don’t like maca powder.  Well that and an upset stomach. Did I mention that maca powder has an acquired taste?

Then you can get creative and make your own recipes with your favorite ingredients. For instance, I made one that tasted like dark chocolate covered raspberries rolled in crushed almonds. Delicious! 

Well, I’m off to think about what new combination I’m going to put together in the morning!